Lecce Street Food Tour

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From EUR 50

Enogastronomic walk in Lecce with a tour guide and traveling lunch

Availability: by reservation

Duration: about 3 hours

Language: Italian, English, French

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What will you do?

Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are. Street food is one of the best ways to get to know the culture of a place, the savory, spicy, sweet, bitter flavors and intense, widespread aromas offer you the true side of the city. It is good to visit the monuments but the present is in the work of those who continue the tradition and the street food tour takes you through the alleys of the center of Lecce to experience the city in its most current side. It starts from the aromas of the covered market, for an overview of the raw material and the transformation of local products and continues in the heart of Lecce tasting here and there the cult foods in places where they are prepared to perfection, starting from salty, passing to dessert and ending at the legendary Lecce coffee, accompanying everything with wine or Salentine beer, following the story of our guide made of anecdotes and characters. 

From EUR 50

Book Now! Inquire Booking


  • Guided tour of Lecce

  • Tastings of typical products


  • Everything not mentioned under "WHAT INCLUDES" 


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