Pizzica classes - traditional dance

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From EUR 27

For many many years the “tarantismo” experience has had a therapeutic function to heal the spider bites.

“Today we are aware that the spider bite is not a demon, but a moment of grief, a symptom code of our inner conflicts. For that reason today, “Tarantismo” is still a challenge to defeat the modern pitfalls”

It was born as a liberation rite and today still keeps all its characteristics, therefore rhythms, musics and colours of pizzica have a great impact on a national and international level featuring our territory today.

From EUR 27

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Our goal is stimulating the cosciences to the knowledge of this ancient culture making tourist live an extraordinary experience. Our classes are addressed to people named tourists but we prefer define them  guests … our guests.

Our classes are articulated on  dance seminary/lessons, so students study the  theory and activities of Pizzica. During our lessons you will learn, box steps, symbolism, the body language, the dancers interactions, the tissue usage and the dance evolutions. Lessons include also video and documentary shows and last but not least we will dance together.

We chose some incredible locations for our classes such as historical abodes, roof gardens and ols star vault rooms.

At the end of the class a free food and wine tasting


I costi comprendono:

- n. 2 ore di lezione (anche in lingua ENG e FRA);

- il contributo spese per l’utilizzo degli spazi;

- la realizzazione degli attestati di frequenza;

- degustazione di prodotti locali


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